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Public Performance Alert!

August 24th, 2016    Posted in Uncategorized

The Stompers have 2 public gigs coming up which are featuring musicians whom work with us regularly.


  1. Mike Sailors (leader of the Lowdown Stompers) will be appearing at Cavatappo on 9/1. Appearing with him are members of the Stompers, as well as the ever-swinging’, ever-tasteful singer, Hilary Gardner. Hilary is a true “singer’s singer”, appearing in jazz venues and festivals all over the world, as well as on Broadway. Together, they’ll be traversing music from the Great American Songbook, hitting on each of their personal favorites. The food at Cavatappo is quite likely the best Italian cuisine you’ve ever had, so this is a show not to be missed!   Make your reservations today! The band plays from 9-11pm.
  2. On 9/11, our bandleader will again be leading the band at one of our favorite places to play in Brooklyn – Radegast Hall. There’s no cover, and we play from 7-10. Come and eat some sausage and drink some beer with us!

Hope to see you out and about, and as always, keep swingin’!

~The Stompers


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June 14th, 2015    Posted in Uncategorized

Don’t miss this chance to catch a rare public performance amidst our busy wedding season! We’re thrilled to be playing at The Carnegie Club which is one of our favorite venues in NYC. It’s hard to decide what we like best about this place. Perhaps it’s the sexy, sophisticated atmosphere? Its warm and welcoming group of regulars and staff? The extensive scotch selection? Or maybe its their…eh hem…impeccable taste in music…
Join the party from 9-12am and see why it’s sure to become one of your favorites too!carnegie club
Cocktails, cigars, and live Jazz with special guest, Ralph Lalama on Sax.
9-12am. No Cover!

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The”Wedding Band Syndrome”

June 27th, 2013    Posted in Uncategorized

Depending on your maturity (i.e. how old you are), you’ve more than likely been to a couple of weddings. To me, weddings are two-fold celebrations.


  • I get to see my friends unite and become one
  • I get to see my old friends and have a GREAT night.


Now, how many of those weddings that you’ve been to had something that didn’t go right. Probably more than a few . . . How many of them had music? A D.J.? How about a bad band?

Can we all agree that entertaining, live music that sounds great is the best kind of wedding music? I thought so!

We’ve all seen these typical wedding bands play at our friends events. They look like they just rolled out of bed into a wrinkled tuxedo, and they sound like disgruntled jazz musicians fed up with an industry that won’t let them “play what they feel, man”.

Dismantling the “NYC wedding band syndrome” was one of The Stompers’ main goals when we formed. You see, we like performing for people. Better yet, we like being apart of a couples and their closest friends and families special day. We feed off the positive energy on the dance floor and we put it back into our music because we like to make people happy. It’s a simple thing really!

So, if you’re looking for the atypical NYC wedding jazz band experience, give The Lowdown Stompers a try. You’re not going to be disappointed.

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Doing What You Love and Loving What You Do

June 24th, 2013    Posted in Uncategorized

Mike here, bandleader for The Stompers.

When I was a kid, my father, who was and is a blue collar, “working man” kind of a fellow, told me that he had only one wish for me as I grew up – he wished for me to find something that I loved and turn it into my occupation. You see, he was the type of guy that put in 60 hours a week regularly at a job that he didn’t particularly like. However, he never missed a baseball game, school band concert, etc. He was and is the stereotypical Super-Dad.

Now that I’m “grown”, I look at where I’m at and I realize that his words way back when pushed me to keep at this dream of making music for people. Now that I’m in a comfortable place, regularly performing for enthusiastic audiences, I can’t help but thank him for his valuable insight.

Playing jazz music for a living in NYC is a dream come true. Whether it be a NYC wedding, a birthday party in the East Village or an Anniversary Party in Sleepy Hollow, I count my blessings that I’m asked to perform during someone’s special day. For The Lowdown Stompers, that’s what it’s all about – making people’s special days even greater.

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Louis Armstrong said . . .

June 5th, 2013    Posted in Uncategorized

. . . “there are two kinds of music, the good kind, and the bad kind. I play the good kind.”

Yea you did Pops.

There’s something about the music from the 1920’s and 1930’s – a sense of vitality and wonderment that people often attempt to duplicate in modern music, but seldom ever achieve. What is it about these tunes? Why do they make us dance, tap our toes and snap our fingers? How does this music get even the most stubborn of dance partners out on the dance floor? The answer is simple really. Louis Armstrong knew it way back in the 30’s.

There’s two kinds of music, the good kind, and the bad.

We play the good music too.

~ The Lowdown Stompers

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