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Brass Band!

September 28th, 2016    Posted in Uncategorized

After many requests, we’ve decided to augment our swingin’ little operation with a brass band!

The brass band is made up of the core members of the Lowdown Stompers, plus some additional horn friends of ours, as well as tuba and a bass drum! We’re having a blast playing together, and we’re ready to bring the heat to your next event!

Enjoy these clips from a recent recording session, and drop us a note and tell us what you think!


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The”Wedding Band Syndrome”

June 27th, 2013    Posted in Uncategorized

Depending on your maturity (i.e. how old you are), you’ve more than likely been to a couple of weddings. To me, weddings are two-fold celebrations.


  • I get to see my friends unite and become one
  • I get to see my old friends and have a GREAT night.


Now, how many of those weddings that you’ve been to had something that didn’t go right. Probably more than a few . . . How many of them had music? A D.J.? How about a bad band?

Can we all agree that entertaining, live music that sounds great is the best kind of wedding music? I thought so!

We’ve all seen these typical wedding bands play at our friends events. They look like they just rolled out of bed into a wrinkled tuxedo, and they sound like disgruntled jazz musicians fed up with an industry that won’t let them “play what they feel, man”.

Dismantling the “NYC wedding band syndrome” was one of The Stompers’ main goals when we formed. You see, we like performing for people. Better yet, we like being apart of a couples and their closest friends and families special day. We feed off the positive energy on the dance floor and we put it back into our music because we like to make people happy. It’s a simple thing really!

So, if you’re looking for the atypical NYC wedding jazz band experience, give The Lowdown Stompers a try. You’re not going to be disappointed.

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