“I assure you that the Lowdown Stompers are able to make the crowd dance!”

                                                                    – Frederique Henriot, Director of Special Events at Common Ground


Bands for Every Occasion:

Us Stompers understand that every wedding / special event we perform for is different. Because not every event is the same, we offer variations of our larger group to accomodate any and every affair. Reach us through our contact page to discuss any options you may have questions about.


The joy and happiness found in Traditional Jazz and Swing Music is infectious. When you hire The Lowdown Stompers, we come to play and entertain your guests to the fullest. Each event is hand tailored to suit and accomodate the needs and wants of each and every client. Our goal is that your guests leave your wedding / special event knowing why the NYC Traditional and Swing scene is being heralded as the best in the world!