The Roaring 20’s

Jazz music spread rapidly across the US in the 1920’s, riding a wave of post-war optimism fueled by soldiers returning home to create a better life for themselves and their loved ones. This crowds thirst for music, dancing and the night-life that accompanies these events inspired the hot sounds of the era’s most influential bands, creating what we now know as the Jazz Age.

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Characterized by beautiful, carefree Flappers, handsome, debonair Sheiks and the hot music of Benny Goodman, Jimmy Lunceford, Duke Ellington and others, The Jazz Age truly was a decadent and exciting time in our countries history. In recent years, music lovers, partygoers, newlyweds and the young and old alike have sought to recapture the exciting times of The Jazz Age.

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Bringing The Spirit of The Jazz Age to Your NYC wedding!

New York City has long been heralded as the creative hub for jazz music. The 1930’s saw the development of music for big bands, which brought about popularity to songs now considered belonging to The Great American Songbook. Jazz music was the popular music of this era, being broadcast into the living rooms of music lovers across the country. This allowed musicians the opportunity to work, record, travel and ultimately push their crafts forward to new heights. The Lowdown Stompers re-create the music and excitement of those early days at every NYC wedding and special event we perform for, knowing full-well the importance of continuing the tradition of great jazz music based in New York City. Contact us today to bring a taste of the Jazz Age to your event!