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When should I book the band for my wedding / special event?

Definitely book your wedding band early – ideally 6-12 months out from you event date. Schedules fill up fast and ours are no exception. This ensures that you get the best musical entertainment for your event.

What will the musicians wear to my wedding / special event?

We like to look sharp. We dress in a way that would be considered “Vintage”- three-piece suits, hats, etc. We look and sound the part. We can also wear Tuxedos if you like.

Are the musicians I hear and see on this website the ones that will be at my wedding / special event?

Yes, absolutely! On rare occasions, due to illness or unavailability, one of our players may be replaced with one who has experience playing with us and knows our repertoire well.

Can you provide jazz music during other parts of my wedding (The ceremony and or cocktail hour)?

Yes, we can provide jazz music for your wedding ceremony music as well entertain during your cocktail and dinner hours. Traditional jazz and swing music are perfect for any situation.

What if there is a special piece of music I would like to be played. Can you do that?

Absolutely! However, we request that the piece of music be somewhat similar to jazz music. A Madonna tune will never sound good in the format of a traditional jazz band, no matter how hard we try! Otherwise, let us know the song before hand, and we’ll make sure it’s perfect by the time of your event.

My wedding / special event is outdoors. Will you still perform?

Yes. We have a few requirements however to ensure the safety of our instruments and the ability to provide quality music, but nothing crazy or out of the ordinary.

Our wedding ceremony and reception are in different locations. Are you able to set up in one location and move to another fairly quickly?

Most definitely. Our band has very little gear. We can move and be set up in as little as 20 minutes.

How much space do The Lowdown Stompers take up?

Very little space at all. At minimum, we need about 7 feet by 7 feet.

Space is at a premium at our event. Can The Lowdown Stompers appear in a smaller size?

Absolutely! We can be as small as a duo if that is what you prefer. There are many different options to accomodate every event.

My event is outside of NYC. Do you travel outside of Manhattan?

You know it! We frequently play weddings in New Jersey, Boston, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island and even as far as Washington D.C.

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